Art Holidays in France



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Every country has its own unique beauty but France certainly has an abundance of beautiful and intriguing places, full of history and romance.  At every turn, there is a scenic view or captivating detail to capture and record as only an artist can.

We invite you to join us to experience this for yourself, to explore and discover and to create memorable images in charming settings.

Whether you are competent already or eager to learn, we will help you to achieve your intent, build upon your understanding and provide a convivial base in which all this comes to fruition.

Centred at Manoir La Breuille, with its fascinating facade developed over nine centuries and set in its attractively laid out grounds, quality accommodation combines with excellent tuition from a skilled, knowledgeable and inspirational tutor.

Taught principally by tutor Andrew Hope, BA Hons, you will have the opportunity to combine your love of art with a holiday in this lovely part of South West France, and will increase your appreciation and understanding of your chosen interest.

An artist to his fingertips, Andrew has been involved in the world of art for all of his life, and has been teaching art at different levels for much of this period of time.  Whether providing the formal elements of understanding the visual world, and picture making, or using his finely tuned  powers of  interpreting the skills of the great artists, Andrew finds his own unique methods to convey his in depth knowledge through encouraging self discovery of process and practice that will encourage you to think, experiment and innovate.  Tuition is tailored to your own existing level of knowledge, skill and interest.

We will take advantage of the glorious climate in this part of France, working in shade or under cover as well as in the open air, with regular breaks for refreshments and meals.

You can work at your own pace, make new friends, take a dip in the solar-heated outdoor pool, go for a walk, a ride in a horse drawn carriage, accompany us on trips out, or set off and explore independently.

Within a short drive from Manoir La Breuille there are many hills topped by chateaux in every direction. Towns and villages in the warm local limestone with orange tiled rooftops, are decorated with flamboyantly coloured and textured planting in roundabout and borders.  Romanesque churches, richly decorated with medieval carvings, and in some, paintings, abound on the Roman trail.

Fields full of sunflowers, or sweet corn, two crops a year in the long growing season, or delineated by vineyards. An underground cathedral; brocante, and galleries set in front of deep troglodytic dwellings; cafe life.  Each day a market somewhere, we will visit at least one of these.

Lots to see, do, draw and paint.  Good company, good food and good surroundings.  What‘s not to love?


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